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Hasbro’s Next Star Wars Crowdfunding Project Just Got a Snack

Hasbro's Black Series Haslab Rancor action figure, rendered in unfinished greyscale, lifts a colored Gamorrean Guard action figure to its mouth.

Quite the ham sandwich.
Image: Hasbro

During its PulseCon fan event a few weeks ago, Hasbro debuted the latest Star Wars entry to its line of “Haslab” crowdfunded projects. So far, the line’s given us Jabba’s Sail Barge, The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest, as well as wild projects like the massive Transformers Unicron and the upcoming Ghostbusters proton pack. Now, its return to the galaxy far, far away could give us quite the beast… and his lunch.

io9 has an exclusive look today at the first backer unlock for the Haslab Star Wars The Black Series Rancor. Scaled with Hasbro’s 6″ Star Wars action figures, this mighty hunk of plastic stands 17.5 inches tall, and features 45 points of articulation, including in its jaw—all the better for opening it wide and eating your other action figures. Any Star Wars fan already considering backing the Rancor—which will set you back a hefty $350 should the project reach its goal of 9,000 backers—will likely have more than enough action figures to stuff into their newest toy’s maw. But io9 has your first official look at a helpful addition should the project reach its first tier of backer unlocks.

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