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Meet the Magical Family Members of Disney’s Encanto

An illustrated depiction of a portion of the Madrigal family tree from Disney's Encanto.

Image: Disney

Encanto, Disney’s upcoming animated feature from co-directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush, tells the story of the one member of the Madrigal family who, for some unknown reason, isn’t born with a magical gift. Marisol—voiced by Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz—knows there’s something inside her that makes her unique, but it’s hard to feel connected to her family members because of all the truly wondrous things they can do with their abilities.

Though Mirabel is Encanto’s central protagonist, her family plays an important role both in contextualizing her journey and embodying many of the themes the movie explores. When io9 recently sat down with Encanto’s creative team, they explained how each of the Madrigals’ abilities reflects important elements of who they are as people, but each character’s inner truth is far more complicated than their powers let on.

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