Friday, August 12, 2022
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Robots Won’t Close the Warehouse Worker Gap Anytime Soon

AI holds significant promise for making robots far more capable. Instead of blindly following a routine, an AI-enabled machine can perceive, learn what’s...

How newcomer River plans to fill a gap in India’s competitive EV two-wheeler market – TechCrunch

Two-wheelers have long been a cornerstone of life in India — their smaller size and affordability make these traditionally gas and diesel-powered vehicles...

The ‘Broadband Gap’ Is Now a Housing Problem

A national moratorium on evictions expired in late August, after the US Supreme Court blocked a Biden administration bid to extend it. Many..., a precision upskilling platform, taps $16M to close enterprise skills gap – TechCrunch

Finding the right learning platform can be difficult, especially as companies look to upskill and reskill their talent to meet demand for certain...
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