Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Tag: Geralt

Toss a Coin at These Witcher Toys, Until They Go Away

See how good Geralt looks here? Now look below...Image: McFarlane Toys/NetflixMcFarlane Toys has been releasing The Witcher action figures for a little while...

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich Explains Why a Witcher Kids Spinoff Can Work

A young Geralt of Rivia learning of one of the few things Witchers truly care about.Screenshot: NetflixThough we knew that the world of...

The Witcher Has Been Renewed for Season 3, Plus More Spin-Offs

The Witcher’s back (get it?) for season three.Image: NetflixHow was Netflix going to put an exclamation point on its three-hour barrage of weekend...
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