Friday, August 12, 2022
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What, Exactly, Is the Metaverse Standards Forum Creating?

Rather than focusing on what the metaverse means in a future-prediction sort of way, the Metaverse Standards Forum is designed to focus on...

The US Military Is Building Its Own Metaverse

On May 10, two fighter pilots performed a high-altitude proto-metaverse experiment. A few thousand feet above the desert of California, in a pair...

The Metaverse Could Radically Reshape Fashion

Garments that dissolve in water, change color, or sprout wings could thrive in Web3—and inspire a new era of design IRL. Source Link:

Don’t Let Reese Witherspoon Make You Crazy

Plus: Jaron Lanier’s VR dreams, Europe without Facebook, and a cooked-up crisis. Source Link:

Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse May Be Coming to Crumbling Strip Mall Near You

A smartphone showing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg talking about the “metaverse” overlaid over the Facebook logo.Photo: Chris Delmas / AFP (Getty Images)Facebook—sorry, it’s...

The Metaverse Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Mobile Do-Over

Plus: Facebook’s Home flop, the trouble with Covid answers, and good and bad news from Gaia. Source Link:

We’ll All Probably End Up in Microsoft’s Metaverse

Image: MicrosoftThe company formerly known as Facebook isn’t the only tech giant trying to sell you on the metaverse. Microsoft is rolling out...

Mark Zuckerberg Wants Robots to Wear His Skin

Photo: MetaEach passing day is allegedly bringing us closer to the virtual reality cosmopolis known as the metaverse. The bad news is that...

These Companies Are Already Living in Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

Facebook’s metaverse, or Meta’s metaverse, isn’t just being touted as a better version of the internet—it’s being hailed as a better version of...

Apple’s Super-Fast AR/VR Headset Is Expected Late Next Year

Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM / Contributor (Getty Images)The rumor mill has been churning for a while now with the news of potential production delays...
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