Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Tag: Yoda

What’s Star Wars Galaxy of Sounds? Blasters, Baby Yoda, and Ben Burtt

The title art for Galaxy of Sounds, which obviously cannot sound pretty, but at least looks it.Image: LucasfilmNew shows pop up on Disney+...

The Odyssey of Star Wars Turns the Original Trilogy Into Epic Poetry

“Along the narrow scaffolding Luke reels...”Image: Abrams/LucasfilmWe’ve had the Star Wars movies retold in Shakespearean style. Now, it’s time for the great Greek...

11 Luke Skywalker Facts Revealed In Mandalorian Season 2’s New Documentary

5. Deepfake Exploration Screenshot: Disney PlusSo how to pull it off? Well, fascinatingly enough, Lucasfilm spent a lot of time exploring deep fake...
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