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The HomePod Mini Gets a Burst of Color

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While we were all expecting MacBooks and AirPods, Apple threw a minor curveball out there today with a small HomePod Mini update. You can now get them in three new colors: blue, yellow, and reddish-orange.

Is that all? Yup. That’s it, folks. The colorful HomePod Minis are the same price at $99 and will be available in November. Probably not the update most people were thinking of, but it does seem like Apple’s taking a page out of Google’s book here. Google’s Nest speakers usually have some cute pastel color options, which make them more attractive for decorating your home with.

Sure! Listen, today’s theme was Mac and Music, and technically speaking, the HomePod Mini is the only speaker right now in Apple’s lineup. Given the updates to Apple Music today, this kind of makes sense. The Siri-focused Voice Plan would be useful on this thing. But really, we’re stretching at this point.

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